MyLGHealth Patient Testimonials

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We invite you to read recent stories and quotes from patients and families who are using MyLGHealth to manage their health online.

Quick response and access to my health history
"Sometimes after a visit, I’ll think of something I forgot to ask my doctor and I can just send a quick e-mail through MyLGHealth. I can access my account to determine future appointments and view test results ahead of time to prepare a discussion with my physician. When I have an appointment with a specialist that requires a list of my medications and dosages, MyLGHealth allows me to print the entire list very quickly. It’s quite a time saver."
Vickie Leiphart
Twin Rose Family Medicine

MyLGHealth lets me relax while I’m out of town
"My wife and I spend a few months in Hilton Head, South Carolina over the winter, but I’m always connected to my doctor through MyLGHealth. I can access test results and renew prescriptions all while on vacation. It’s much more efficient than placing a phone call to the office."
Ronald Harper
Strasburg Family Medicine

Improved management of my family’s health
"Having the ability to communicate between office visits has improved my relationship with my doctor. It has also improved the management of my health issues. My teenage children are also benefitting. I encourage my three teens to use this service so they can take responsibility for their health, and I trust our doctor to give them accurate advice."
Robin McCracken
County Line Family Medicine

MyLGHealth is invaluable
"I think MyLGHealth is wonderful. It makes everything so convenient and all my records are in one place. It’s easier to communicate with my physician and the information provided to me in a timely manner is invaluable.”
Harlene Willard
Twin Rose Family Medicine